Group Study Rooms are located in Payson Library. Rooms are only available to current Pepperdine students. Unfortunately, at this time, rooms are not available for Alumni to use.


Room reservation periods begin at the top of the hour. Group Study Rooms are available for up to 2 hours per day, per group. A group may continue to use a room if it has not been reserved by another group. Individuals may use rooms only if they are unoccupied.


Room reservations begin on the hour (e.g., 3:00 PM), unless shown otherwise in this system, and will be held for 15 minutes after the reserved start time (e.g., 3:15 PM). If the person who reserved the room has not shown up by fifteen after, the room will then be released from that reservation and considered available. If in the latter case you lose the room for the first hour but reserved it for a second hour, your reservation for the second hour is still valid. If you reserve your room 15 minutes after the hour or later, you do not have the right to remove anyone who is already occupying the room.


We reserve the right to cancel and/or prevent study room reservations in the event that a student attempts to circumvent the study room reservation rules and/or fails to comply with written and/or verbal directions from library staff.


If you have questions or need assistance please email Sally Bryant at